MESSHU RT500 Downloads


About MESSHU Router App

"MESSHU Router App" is designed for "MESSHU RT500 MESH Router", which is a high performance wireless system. Each mesh router extends the wifi single range and enables wider signal coverage to penetrate floors, and walls resulting in lesser dead zones. Enjoy high wifi network mobility. Maintain smooth connectivity as you move from one mesh device's coverage area to the next.

The "MESSHU Router App" helps you easily set up your high performance wireless system. 

    MESSHU Router App for iOS               

    MESSHU Router App for Android      

  About MESSHU Drive App  

"MESSHU Drive App" is designed for MESSHU RT500 MESH Router. You can simply view and organize files from the USB storage device that you have connected to your MESSHU RT500 MESH Router. It’s easily manage your favorite files or photos from your private storage space anywhere or even anytime. "MESSHU Drive App" helps you create own personal cloud storage more securely. 

     MESSHU Drive  App for iOS                       

   MESSHU Drive App for Android